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5 News Years Resolutions for Office Life

Personal New Year’s resolutions are great but have you thought of any for the office? Most of us spent almost a third of our lives at work. Positive changes made in the office can effect other aspects of our lives. The start of a new year  is the perfect time to focus on what improvements can be made going forward. Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for the office.

1. Become More Engaged

If this past year you haven’t been the most engaged worker, don’t fret. You can easily get back on the right track. Share around the office to get others on board too! This should be a top priority resolution because not only will you benefit, everyone around you will too. Your boss will especially appreciate the effort.

2. Eat Right

This is probably one of your personal goals, so why not carry it over to the office? Bring a bagged (reusable of course) lunch a few times a week to start. This way, you can pack healthy options instead of ordering out whatever you want. Bringing your lunch will save you money, too! Along with eating right, try to treat the kitchen at work right. Be respectful of coworkers’ items in the fridge. And, of course, clean up after yourself.

3. Go Above And Beyond

The position you hold could potentially grow into something bigger and better. This New Year, push yourself at work. Do the extra projects you wouldn’t normally do. Small tasks will add up fast and make you look like a new and improved employee and possible promotions could be on the horizon for you!

4. Communicate More Efficiently

This resolution is a must and you should work on both aspects of communication, speaking and listening! Become more aware of what needs to be addressed and address it! You will feel empowered after a long year of sitting back not contributing. While you’re at it, try to become a more attentive listener.

5. Get Positive

Work on becoming a more uplifting and optimistic worker. It will rub off on others in the office and help with everyone’s mood. Be the positivity that your coworkers need at work. While you make a change for yourself, you’ll be helping others change around you.

Start by really focusing in on a couple of these work New Year’s resolutions, and then cover the rest. And, of course, add your own to the list! Wait and see what the new year will bring to you.