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5 Essential Cleaning Products for your Office

Studies show that a lack of cleanliness can be a distraction, negatively impacting the amount of work that gets done in the office. Even if your office has a professional cleaning service routinely maintaining the office space, it is important to have some cleaning products on hand to keep the office spick-and-span between cleanings and in case of emergencies. These five cleaning products will keep the office presentable and germ-free on a daily basis.

Disinfecting Wipes

These multi-purpose wipes can be used for anything from spills in the break room to cleaning up your desk. Cut down on the germs you come in contact with by using these wipes to clean your phone, keyboard and mouse daily. Reduce sick days taken by using these wipes to clean areas with lots of daily contact, like faucet handles, microwave door handles and vending machine buttons.

Spot Remover

Spot remover can save the day if you spill coffee on your white shirt or if some of your lunch falls in your lap. Keeping stain removing items in your arsenal will keep everyone in the office looking professional despite any spills or other mishaps. Spot removers can also work on office furniture and carpets in case of emergencies.

Glass Cleaner

Keeping your office looking professional and presentable is important whether or not clients are coming in on a regular basis. Make a good first impression by keeping all doors and windows clean and clear of smudges by keeping a glass cleaner in the office. To keep the doors and windows fingerprint-free, wipe down with glass cleaner daily in between professional cleanings.

Air Freshener

The office environment should always be positive and inviting, and foul odors can compromise that! Air freshener can revive the office and help fend off nasty odors. Look for unscented options so as not to aggravate any allergies that employees may have.

White Vinegar

If you only keep one cleaning product in your office, white vinegar should be it! It can be used to keep your windows streak- and smudge-free, and it is also a disinfectant. This cost-effective cleaner is also environmentally friendly because it contains no chemicals. Plus, if you feel like whipping up a nice lunch it can be used for that too!

Even if your office receives routine cleaning services from a professional team, it’s still important to keep some cleaning products on hand for touch-ups between cleanings or for everyday emergencies. With these products in the supply cabinet, you’ll never be caught off guard again! To learn more about the services OpenWorks offers, visit our website!

SOURCE: OpenWorks