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Recognize Workplace Moms This Time of the Year

We know that being a parent is tough stuff. Being a working parent … now that’s a different story. But fact of the matter is, parents are amazing. Since it’s Mother’s Day, we’re giving a shout-out to the working woman who graciously juggles both her career and family.

So for the mom who squeezes in our soccer games despite being crazy busy, the mom who works magic with meals regardless of how tired she is, or the mom who offers encouraging words even when she’s down — here are three employee recognition ideas you can use for the hard-working moms:

Pack a Picnic

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal by Mom. So give them a break by ordering a catered lunch or packing a picnic for the moms at your workplace.

This allows them to take a mental break from the work they do. And of course, gives them a chance to socialize and mingle with other moms. We bet there will be no shortage of sharing kids’ photos too.

Take a Half Day

Between completing work tasks, running personal errands, and trucking kids from appointment to appointment, moms are insanely busy.

Let them take the afternoon off to pamper themselves. Or they can use it to spend some leisurely time with their families. Moms will truly appreciate that you don’t only value their time as work, but also their time outside of the office.

Flexible Hours

This is more long-term, but offering flexible hours will do wonders for a working mom’s productivity. She can slip out to drive Jimmy to soccer practice and take care of her workload afterwards.

This way, she doesn’t have to sacrifice her career or her family. After all, technology now allows people to work from anywhere at any time.

Bring Your Mom to Work Day

We’ve all heard of “bring your kid to work today.” How about letting people bring their moms? People want to make their moms proud, so this is an ideal opportunity for your employees to show off how they’re contributing to your organization’s success.

Mothers put in a ton of effort at the workplace and at home — they’re basically working 24/7. Use this day to really show them how much they’re valued and appreciated.