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Holiday Shopping Guide for your Coworkers

What’s the point of having a clean office if it can’t be spruced up a little? ‘Tis the season to give and get that perfect gift, and here are a few that would make your office environment that much better!


Woollypocket Living Wall Planter 2 – $18.99

Nothing makes an office look more friendly and inviting than plants. With these planters you can create a natural wonderland in your cubicle. Not only are they highly adaptable regarding where you put them, they come with an integrated self watering well that will keep your plants watered for up to two weeks! Perfect if you decided to stay home for the holidays. They are also vented front and back to allow roots to breathe, increase evaporation and minimize overwatering.


Ramen Cooker – $14

Is your co-worker constantly spilling their Cup Noodles in the office microwave? Help them upgrade their lunch and save the office kitchen with this microwavable ramen cooker. This practical and thoughtful gift is an easier and more effective way to cook noodles, and it’s dishwasher safe — so cleanup is just as quick.

dinosaur-organizer940Dinosaur Desk Organizer – $11

Help your co-worker never miss a memo again with this playful dinosaur desk organizer. Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus rex, this organizer features a spring-loaded mouth to hold memos as well as a space to hold pens. It also comes with a notepad, which can be easily stowed away in the back of the organizer.

republic-of-tea940Gourmet Tea Pods – $11.88

If your office K-Cup selection doesn’t have much for the tea lovers, a box of these single-serve gourmet tea pods from The Republic of Tea would make a great grab-bag gift. The company’s One Cuppa line features seven of its most popular flavors. Each box comes with 12 biodegradable pods, which are compatible with most popular brewing machines.

st_header_1940Stoppy Door Stop – $9.95

The Stoppy door stop is made by the same folks who are behind the Hang and Level picture hanging tool, and while you might not think of a door stop as a gift, this little comma-shaped door stop works to hold open doors of all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. You can nestle the Stoppy under the bottom of the door where a traditional door stop would go, but you can also park it in between the door body and the frame to keep it open. When I last spoke to the inventor of the Stoppy, she noted that some people even use it as a stress ball, since it’s squishable rubber outer shape is reinforced with molded steel to make sure it keeps its shape.

These are just some suggestions for things you can get your coworkers or yourself to add a little pizazz to the office environment. Happy Holidays and we will see you next year! 😉