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Fall Cleaning Tips

FallCleaningTipsIt’s that time of the year again. Summer is no more, the weather is getting cooler, leaves are beginning to fall and you can bet your bottom dollar that a pumpkin-flavored drink is available at your nearest coffee shop.

Here are a couple of tips for this fall to maintain a clean and effective workplace

Use Weatherproof Entrance Mats

With the falling leaves comes dirty shoes that can track mud and debris all over the office. Entrance mats trap these elements so they don’t make an office environment dirtier. This will also save costs on floor cleaning you would probably need performed in the future.

Clear Out Drainage System

Does your building have a flat roof or have proper gutter systems installed? Be sure to clear out any falling leaves or debris because as your drainage system clogs, and debris builds up, you become at major risk of flooding and water damage.

This might be best left to the professionals, but it is at least something to think about!

Thoroughly Clean Your Office Inside and Out

Every fall, you should consider hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean your entire office. This is because, due to cooler temperatures, you will most likely be keeping doors and windows shut. This leads to a decrease in ventilation and an increase in dust and dirt build-up. You and your employees will benefit from having a clean office with fresh air quality and less dust around the workplace!

Scheduling regular cleaning appointments with us will ensure that the dust and dirt doesn’t pile up! We look forward to hearing from you.