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How to clean your smartphone


We’ve covered a lot of areas to clean so far — from your windows to your keyboard. However, we have neglected to point out that you carry around something that has been known to be as dirty as a toilet seat: your smartphone! It has been proven that your phone may carry bacteria, germs, even feces (yeah, you read that right)! Let’s talk about a routine you can take to keep your gadget nice, shiny and clean! Your health will thank you.

Cleaning your smartphone is a lot like cleaning your computer monitor. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or a ton of water. You can definitely find a phone cleaner which will most likely come with a microfiber cloth. But let’s assume you’ve spent enough on this phone already and don’t want to drop the $20 or more on buying a cleaner.

For every other part of the phone besides the touchscreen, put together a 40/60 alcohol-to-water mixture. You can use this to clean solid parts and keyboards. Use a damp cloth and/or cotton swab for small hard-to-reach places. DO NOT use alcohol, ammonia, or any other harsh cleaning agents on your phone’s touch screen. This is another situation where a small amount of vinegar and a microfiber cloth will do better.

If you need to remove dirt and fingerprints in a pinch, use a piece of scotch tape to peel away the grime. This is good if you don’t have access to a microfiber cloth. Unfortunately, microfiber won’t help the germ situation.

If you have the funds and want an absolutely clean phone, check out PhoneSoap Charger, which cleans, sanitizes, and charges your device all at once.

A couple of ways to maintain a clean phone are a bit difficult, because we just don’t think of it. Try not to take your phone with you into the bathroom. We know how tempting it is. Also avoid handling your phone after you’ve just touched money or any other dirty item before washing your hands.

Follow these steps and you and your phone will deflect some of those unsettling germs. I mean, what’s the point of a clean workplace if you’re just going to make it dirty again?