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Streak Free Windows


Window cleaning; it’s a job that begs to be hired out. So much work reaching and wiping, and you’ll most likely end up with a bunch of streaks and what looks like even dirtier glass!

Cleaning glass, whether it be a window, mirror, or coffee table, is more about having the right tools for the job than how hard you do it. Here are a couple of ways you can keep those birds outside guessing whether that window is open or closed.

Use Distilled Water

So here’s the thing about cleaning glass: you’re going to see absolutely everything. Most of the time, water doesn’t really matter. But, if you’re diluting your glass cleaner with tap water (especially hard water) you’re going to see some nasty streaks left behind from the minerals. Distilled water should solve that problem.


Vinegar is amazing. It’s one of those all-purpose items that can be used on numerous things around the house or office. Windows are no exception. Combine water and vinegar in a 50/50 solution to create a cheap and effective alternative to glass cleaner. It works great!

Go Easy on the Soap

Most of the time this isn’t a problem, because soap isn’t necessary to clean glass. However, if you’re table is particularly dirty, you’re going to want to add a little to your glass cleaning mix. The key word here is “little.” It isn’t going to take that much soap to get rid of dirt on the table. But, if you use too much, you’ll wind up with an overly dense cleaner that will leave a streaky residue on the glass.

Paper Towels Don’t Work

Paper towels are the worst enemy of glass. Don’t use it! Not only will is streak, but it will leave behind lint! That’s even worse! Use a microfiber cloth or a squeegee and brush. Depending on the job, we use both of these options with great success!

Buff it up!

Even with all of the instructions from before, you’re glass can still streak. Fear not, the simplest solution is to finish the job with a quick buff. Just buff over the glass with a clean/dry cloth, preferably microfiber (again!). Watch those streaks just disappear!

Finally, the most important thing to do is to not let your window get too dirty. A cleaner window means an easier job keeping it that way.