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How to keep your screen clean

Clean laptop screen

In our last article, we took steps to maintaining a cleaner work space. Let’s keep going with that by tackling one of the most important tools you work with on a day to day basis: your computer screen. Your screen will attract exorbitant amounts of dust, food particles, and debris, which will start to look bad after awhile. Just be careful on how you handle the cleaning process or you could severely damage your screen.

First things first: get a microfiber cloth. In addition to being super soft, they are made with a type of fabric that doesn’t produce lint. Paper towels, old t-shirts, and napkins are a no go. They can do more harm than good by scratching your screen or leaving excess debris. Plus, that microfiber cloth will come in handy when you need to clean your camera lens, smartphone, tablet or TV screen.

When cleaning the screen, be gentle. Computer screens, especially LCDs, are very fragile. If you push too hard, you could cause pixel burnout. A couple of sweeps and circle motions, with the help of your microfiber cloth, should take care of the dust and loose particles.

If a cleaning solution is required, do not to grab any regular old household cleaning products; they contain ingredients that could damage your screen. You can use store bought LCD screen cleaning spray or make your own. A 50/50 mix of white vinegar (not any other kind) and distilled water (because it’s chemical free) in an atomizer bottle will do the trick.

When using a solution, remember not to spray it directly on your screen. Apply a minimal amount to the microfiber cloth. Try using a small amount on just one corner of the cloth at a time. You don’t want to get it too wet.

Follow these steps and you’ll maintain a clean and shiny computer screen that will be the envy of all your coworkers.